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Krsnaraya ^Rainaraja) marched on one occasion at the
head of his army with the object of subduing his enemies
towards Ikkeri, where he was joined by Sadasiva Nayaka. He
placed an aruijr under the command of Sadasiva and asked him
to march in advance, and capture the forts of Kalyana and
Kalubaruga. Sadasiva started at once towards these forts, in
obedience to the royal command.

The chief of the liussalmans. Sultan Bhairy Nizam Padu-
shah of Ahmadnagar* who obtained information of the invasion
commanded his powerful vazlrs Feroja Khana, Talita Khana,
Samjar Khana, Sathe Khana, Munila Khana, Dastura
Khana, "Vajra Khana, Ravuta Khana, and Bokka Singaf to
oppose the invaders. The ministers having united together
marched with their troops to Jambukhandi where they halted
obstructing the path of the invading army. When the Vijya-
nagara army approached the place, a conflict ensued; and
they soon began to fall back, as they were not able to cope
with the Mussalmans. Sadasiva Nayaka now pushed forward,
and in an encounter with Bokka Singa, he received a sword
cut on his back extending along the spine. Notwithstanding
this wound, Sadasiva led his troops against the enemy in great
fury. Though he had to face the combined attack of the
officers mentioned above, he withstood them all and captured
Bokka Singa, whom he delivered to the Bays. The Raya who
was greatly pleased with the display of Sadasivars prowess
conferred many gifts upon him.

Nayaka proceeded against the fort of Kalyana
and captured it by escalade. As a mark of his appreciation of
Sadaiiva's valour, the king conferred upon him the title of
Immadd Sadasiva Nayaka. AE the army was returning from

* Tha Sultan of Ahmadjaagar at this **m" was Hnssain NifcSm Shliu
of  these officers were in the service of Hossaia NiaSm SfeSh. and tfcr
SM Bnrk^^M^a^r J^L VoL l (#21),